Eric Johnson
President and Chief Enabler
Goal Execution Inc.

We all have visions of our dream life. While a few are able to achieve it, most struggle to work towards it. Family and work responsibilities can sometimes feel like chains that are holding you back from achieving your full potential and the life you desire. At Goal Execution Inc. we help you break through those chains and work towards achieving the life you desire!

Executing on your goals is about creating a vision for your life along with the plans to achieve that vision. You then have to put those plans into action. Putting all of these together can be a challenge and with all of the distractions in our lives, it can sometimes seem impossible. Having a coach can be the difference between failure and success. A coach is there to provide guidance, support, advice and, most importantly, hold you accountable.

Stop struggling with achieving what you want out of life and start living the life you desire!

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Coaching is a professional relationship where your coach will guide you, advise you, provide support and encouragement and accept nothing but your best so that you can achieve success in your life.

Everyone is at a different stage in his or her life, so there is no ‘one size fits all’ package. We sit down with each client (whether in person or via video link) and find out what they are really looking for and identify what things are holding them back from achieving their desired results. We can then put together a roadmap of where we need to go. The key to success is being committed to embracing change in your life. The only way you can get different results in your life is by changing the way your think, act and believe in yourself.

So whether you are looking for different results in your personal life, business life or both, contact us and let’s talk!

Motivational Speaking

Motivating your employees or group can help them break the chains that are holding them back from achieving their potential. Our presentations are designed to inspire your group and help remove the limitations that are hindering their chances of success. Whether you are looking to improve time management skills, work/life balance, goal setting or you want to learn how to get your employees motivated to help the company reach it’s goals, we can put together a presentation for you. Contact us today to customize a presentation for you.


Eric has changed my life, he guides me, makes me focus and reminds me of the person that “I MUST be”…..The person I deserve to be….

Having focus in my life makes me feel safe. Whenever I feel lost all I have to do is think of goals/my dreams and how “I” control everything…..Everything….it is the safest I have ever felt in my life. My life isn?t by chance….it’s by choice…..thank you Eric…. YOU ROCK

– Teri Cook, CFP Investment Advisor, BMO Nesbitt Burns

For me, what makes Eric an exceptional coach is that goal setting is an intrinsic part of who he is. Watching the way he applies all the strategies that he teaches in his own life inspires me to do the same. I have been goal setting for a long time but being a part of Eric’s Goal Group has taken my goal setting to a whole new level because not only does he constantly challenge me to stay focused and push harder but he clearly and sincerely believes in what I’m trying to achieve and my ability to achieve it. He celebrates my successes but, more importantly, when life throws me curveballs, Eric never shies away from being the kick in the butt that I need and he is always available to coach me through and help me re-focus on the bigger picture.

Eric understands that the answer to every problem lies within and part of the reason that his coaching is so effective is that he encourages each person to develop a greater trust in their own ability to chart and walk their own, unique path. Eric’s ability to lead by example is just part of what makes him an outstanding coach; when you couple that leadership ability with the way that he genuinely cares about and believes in each person he coaches you have an extremely powerful combination. My life today is dramatically different from my life 18 months ago and that is a direct result of the goals I set myself, the work I did to achieve them and the fact that Eric never let me forget where I was headed and why. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help. Eric, you’re simply amazing!

Sarah Milton